Autism Meets Natural Horsemanship

A new team member!

Hi everybody spirit and I are excited to announce our new team member Dylan the rescued Springer Spaniel who will be accompanying us to many of our demonstrations!

This is not a normal blog in this way as it will contain pictures of him as well as the latest news on Spirit so bear with us!

Spirit and I have big plans for next spring now that we have our new horse trailer Oscar which our wonderful sponsors from Simple System Horse feeds have helped to provide we are thinking about doing a much more local tour of the cross to share Somerset and Wiltshire area’s next spring. Spirit is continuing to look and feel fabulous as usual although I must admit I’m not enjoying the run-up to autumn and winter!

In an effort to help Spirit get ready for the less pleasant weather and build up her coat I have started feeding her Simple Lystem Linseed.

Here are some pictures of the new team together!
Otherwise I think that’s all for now all the best Charlie.

Charlie, spirit and dylan Dylan the dog jumping a wall

AMNH is a part of the Autism Partnership, supported by The Autism Directory charity

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Autism Meets Natiral Horsemanship with Charlie Avent and Spirit