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Charlie and Spirit doing a demo at the Conqust Center open day

Autism Meets Natural Horsemanship (AMNH) is Charlie’s movement with the mission to:

  • promote a more natural and gentle approach for equine therapy
  • raise awareness of autism and increase the positive perception of it
  • provide practical help to improve horse-human relationships

Charlie does this by providing talks, demos and equine clinics around the country.

Talks are generally an hour and can be for support groups, schools, colleges, businesses and anyone really who wants to hear Charlie tell his story, his views on autism and natural horsemanship, and be entertained by his unique public speaking ability to win over audiences from all walks of life.

These talks are provided for a low fee of £50 plus his travel expenses to get to you and home again from Gloucestershire. Please see below for further information and a booking enquiry form. You can also contact us if you would like to know more.


Spirit and Charlie demonstrate at The Complete Horse And Rider Extravaganza in Cheltenham

Demos are generally on your yard and Charlie can either work with one of your horses or ponies, or he can bring his own horse, Spirit, if the distance is not too far. At a demo Charlie will use his natural horsemanship skills to show how the horse-human relationship can work well and be very effective. He will also include a talk as part of the demo should you wish.

The Demos are £100 for small audiences (up to around 30 people) and £150 for larger ones, plus Charlie’s expenses to travel to you and back.  If the demo is booked for a public/ticketed event for which the public is charged, then please contact us first to discuss.  If Spirit is to travel for the demo too then there may be additional expenses, but please see below for further information and a booking enquiry form.


Equine Clinics are available for help with your horse or pony. Charlie will work with you and your horse to address specific issues you may need help with.  Please see the video on this page (scroll to the bottom) to watch Charlie work with Lady and help Hannah have a better relationship with her.

The equine clinics can be useful to help you build a better relationship with your horse, to work on a particular problem, or to develop better manners to improve your mutual respect. If you have any specific questions, issues or concerns please contact us to discuss.

The equine clinics can be booked for after a demo, or just specifically for Charlie to come to you for the one-to-one work.  The fee for the equine clinics is £30 an hour (generally an hour is sufficient) plus expenses to travel to you if he is not doing a demo too.  Please see below for further information and an enquiry booking form.


Further Info

Expenses are calculated at 45p per mile from Nailsworth, Near Stroud, Gloucestershire. This may be more if Spirit also needs to be transported.


Booking Enquiry Form

To enquire about booking Charlie, please complete this enquiry form and a member of the AMNH team will get back to you shortly.


The Autism Directory Charity


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Please note that Charlie and AMNH are supported by The Autism Directory charity (registered number 1143855) who look after his bookings, travel and general organisation of the AMNH movement. Payment of expenses, donations and clinic fees are paid to the charity, but rest assured all proceeds are ring-fenced to support Charlie and Spirit only.

Autism Meets Natiral Horsemanship with Charlie Avent and Spirit