Autism Meets Natural Horsemanship

An exciting time to be autistic!

Hi everyone spirit Dylan and I have been having an exciting but tough time as we are turning my Autism Meets Natural Horsemanship movement into a real registered company which will trade as my new business and I will be self-employed!

For many years many people said this was going to be impossible for me to run my own company and for me to be able to become part of the great British public like everyone else paying tax like normal people and becoming a functional part of society but when you have amazing friends and family and the incredible support of The Autism Directory registered charity not mention Simple System Horse Feeds as your official sponsor it’s much more difficult for you fail!

I have a new advocate called Will Who has worked tirelessly to help me get my new support with the access to work so that my personal assistants can help me run the business negotiate contracts run all the accounting and all the difficult bits for me or with me.

Spirit and Dylan for their part are doing very well despite the fact that spirit lost a bit of condition during the winter as normal and now needs to build it back up again with her simple system feed. There will be no problem getting condition back on her as she is already looking lovely again thanks to Simple System and some long lining in the new saddle although we are increasingly concerned for the stables where Spirit lives which is under serious threat of closure because of the government cutbacks too many of the special-needs schools which come to us for therapy so we have been working with local newspapers to try to fund raise and to try to highlight the plight of my friends at the stables.

This is going to be a battle that cannot be lost as at all costs I must save my friends and their stables.

In this battle that can only be one winner and that will be Heartshore stables.

All the best Charlie Avent and Spirit with kisses from Dylan the dog!

charlie avent and his horse spirit

AMNH is a part of the Autism Partnership, supported by The Autism Directory charity

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Autism Meets Natiral Horsemanship with Charlie Avent and Spirit