Autism Meets Natural Horsemanship

Charlie’s Misson

Hello I’m Charlie I’m on a mission with my young horse Spirit to  raise positive awareness of autism through natural horsemanship demonstrations and through speaking to groups of schoolchildren teachers parents support groups  emergency services and anyone else who is interested to learn more about this mysterious and incredibly beautiful  hiden gift in disguise.

I want to show people that when you focus on your interests and on your strengths and you believe in yourself and your friends believe in you there is very little that you cannot do.

image I believe passionately that the key to autism and unlocking and I’m wrapping the guest within is a highly supportive positive attitude from the day of diagnosis onwards  and that with firm boundaries anybody can do anything as long as they are gently but firmly encouraged to do so.

One of my least favourite things is hearing about people being excluded from places because there aren’t the right facilities for people with autism or any other kind of difference and I believe that by working together we can create a world where everyone gets a chance just like when humanity teamed up to put robots on Mars or a man on the moon!

One of my great heroes was a man called ‘Sir Douglous Bader’  A truly heroic man who flew Spitfires  in the Battle of Britain  during World War II  despite the fact that he had no legs having lost them in a plane crash years before  when doctors didn’t even know whether he would live and when he survived they said he would never walk unassisted again.  Despite this he was able to  learn to walk again that unassisted and learnt to fly again.


“I never suffered directly because of my autism or any of my other additional needs, I suffered because other people were negative rude condescending and hostile”

“Your interests are your strengths”

Charlie Avent  2015

Autism Meets Natiral Horsemanship with Charlie Avent and Spirit