Autism Meets Natural Horsemanship

My Birthday

Hi everyone Spirit and I have so for started out our New Year very well and we have our first demonstration booked in at Tumpy Green equestrian centre in Dursley Gloucestershire at 3 PM on 21 April! I will be signing copies of my book and telling my story of how horses have saved me tickets are 3 pounds each on the door if anyone would like to come along it would be awesome to see you!

We are also looking into doing riding for the disabled so that I can teach spirit and I can learn dressage with her and have fun in a more supported environment specially since I easily qualify for it with my autism and because it’s really cheap. Attached are photos from my 29th birthday party where we had a horse agility theme and invited members of my new friends to come and bring their horses down and there’s also one of a demo I did a year or two ago so that everyone can see what they can look forward to. We are in the planning stages of my film which will go alongside my book and we will start filming for this scene with the horse whisperer Monty Roberts and others. We are hoping to be able to tell my story both in a film and in the book so that people who cannot read or find reading difficult can still be inspired. I’ve just returned from a successful training and autism talk in Cardiff helping to teach charity fundraisers about autism and what they are actually trying to fund raise for as well as helping them to see the difference they are making. Hope everybody is okay spirits and I will see you soon take care and hopefully we will meet soon Charlie

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Autism Meets Natiral Horsemanship with Charlie Avent and Spirit