Autism Meets Natural Horsemanship


Simple System Ltd

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Simple System Ltd is a horse feed company dedicated to bringing you the very best forage feed diet for your horses. We pride ourselves on dealing directly with our customers to advise not only on good feeding practices but also responsible management, taking a full holistic approach to feeding and horse care.

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Charlie only uses Simple System Horse Feeds and says:

“Spirit used to struggle with keeping weight on before she had Simple System during the winter. Thanks to the fantastic customer service and thoughtful kind caring nature of the staff at Simple System, Spirit and I are both feeling much happier about autism awareness work in the public eye and I don’t feel anxious that Spirit appears underweight any more.”


Horseware Ireland

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Horseware was founded by Tom and Carol MacGuinness and their determination to produce a rug that didn’t leak, didn’t make the horse sweat and didn’t slip which led to the creation of the first fully waterproof and breathable turnout that really worked. Today they are constantly striving to produce the best and have grown into a leading manufacturer of clothing for horses and riders.

Please visit their website at

Charlie says:

“Horseware Ireland have been a great source of support to Spirit and I the quality of their products is second to none especially their travel rugs which offers Spirit excellent protection when travelling. Their jackets are very autism friendly being soft and flexible too. Their team are wonderful helpful group and never seem to run out of enthusiasm to help others”


Horsemanship Magazine


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Horsemanship Magazine has chosen Charlie to support during 2016, with The Autism Directory being their nominated charity for the year with all contributions and donations specifically ring-fenced for Charlie only.

You can support Charlie by subscribing to the magazine as a contribution from each subscription is donated.

Charlie will be writing an article for each issue in 2016, and the Feb/Mar issue has a wonderful double page editorial on Charlie.

You can read more and subscribe here.




Other Donators

We would also like to thank the many companies  and individuals who have donated to Charlie’s Trailer Fund appeal as without you all Charlie’s dream would not be possible.

A huge thank you goes to:

Renishaw plc

Clare Perrin,    Maz Hawes,    Paul Guns,    Tracey Sayer,    Patricia Davies,    Martin Biginelli,    Valerie Neil,    Julia & Sadie Brightwell,    Joanne Hole,    Mrs Williams,    Carol Reynolds,      Sarah Maudsley,    Debbie Maudsley,    Shaun Thornton,    Jack Bingham,    Kathryn Defranc,   Helen Sheridan,     A Nelson,    Jane Edwards,    Anne Kerin,    Julia Brightwell and the Biodanza Dancers,     Marie Brougham,     Melanie Paraskeva,     Rebecca O’Dwyer,    Kelly Marks,     Gillian Bradley,    Merri Mayers,    Elle,    Grainne O’Reilly,    Tracy Karkut-Law,    Shona,    Mandy Free,     Beverley & Roger Winn,     Alex Jacob-Whitworth,     Tracy Young,     Emma Kat,    Sharon Thomas,    Anne-Marie Pinter,    Becca Willson,    Jan Mather,    Aimee Sullivan,    Lucy Hagan,    Evelyn Thomas,    Jackie Hardie,     Geraldine O’Donnell,     Amanda Parkin,     Jane Lewis,     Lorna Collins,    Charlotte Wood,    Erika Hillyer,     Angela Fragle,    Jac Cassidy,    Gill Cooper,    Peter McKenzie-Brown,    Rosemary Viggiani,     Dawn Hill,    Kelly Williamson,    Christina Snell,    Samantha Drummond-Hay,    Garry Bosworth,    Victoria Eveleigh,    Hannah Fielding,     Holly Frampton,    Kerrie Berroyer,    Sarah Holdway,    Louise Biggs,    Hazel Dickinson,    Katie Hartop,    Teresa,    Janet James.




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Autism Meets Natiral Horsemanship with Charlie Avent and Spirit