Autism Meets Natural Horsemanship

Trailer Appeal


 This picture was taken when the trailer just arrived at Heartshore having surprised me!

This picture was taken when the trailer just arrived at Heartshore having surprised me!

Trailer Appeal Update January 2015 :  We have done it!  The Trailer Appeal was a huge success and we thank you all for your support and encouragement along the way.   Charlie & Nadine xxx

The Trailer Appeal
The Autism Directory is a registered charity in the UK and we help individuals and families with autism to get the help they need.   We also run projects to support young adults with autism so they can live their dreams….

Charlie Avent  is a young man who is a student of Monty Roberts and has found his true passion and purpose in life which is to help and inspire others with his talents in natural horsemanship.

Charlie’s story is a special one which you can read here.

We want to help Charlie make his dreams come true and get him a horse trailer for his horse ‘Spirit’, so he can travel the UK demonstrating and supporting horse owners with natural horsemanship, and helping them with some of the problems they have such as loading and  bringing them in from the field.

However, this isn’t just a case of fundraising to buy him a trailer…

Charlie has a natural gift with horses, but like many others, doesn’t have the skills to run a business, market his services and do his accounts etc and this is where we come in.

The story for many adults with autism is that they cannot find work in the traditional sense with employers, but they do have marketable skills.  We are able to help adults like Charlie do what they love while we take care of the business necessities

This project is the first of its kind, and we are looking to get Charlie his trailer which we will own, insure, maintain and  manage on his behalf.  We will support him in his business in all ways so that he can live his dream of supporting and inspiring others

So please can you help?

We have a crowd funding campaign running for this project which you can see at  We are looking specifically for a business or organisation to consider having their logo and branding on this trailer in return for a donation towards it.

If you would like to know more about this then we would love to have a chat about all the details and answer any questions you have.  I can be personally contacted on, with no obligation at all to go any further.   Thank You.

Nadine Honeybone
CEO & Founder, The Autism Directory
Registered Charity #1143855

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Autism Meets Natiral Horsemanship with Charlie Avent and Spirit